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The only thing we take seriously is carrots

Bunny Hole is a collection of 5,555 NFTs randomly generated on the Polygon Blockchain by brazilian graphic designers Igor & Leticia

Who is behind this collection

Igor & Leticia is the couple that brought the Bunny Hole collection to life, they are graphic designers and owners of a visual identity studio in Brazil.

The project was born from the desire to explore the Blockchain and know all the advantages of WEB 3. Every step we took we fell even more in love with the NFT community and the possibilities we have and will have in the future, we think this is simply amazing!

The art style was based on some "Cool" trends we had and the character inspired by the most iconic bunny on TV, Bugs Bunny, as much as he doesn't look like him, Bugs Bunny inspired us with the diversity of different and fun clothes he has. appears in each episode.

Meet our amazing official team


Co-Founder and Artist


Co-Founder and Social Media


Contract Developer


Mod and Developer

The roadmap






Show your love for our bunnies! We will create covers for holders to use on social media

We will create $CARROT a delicious token that will be used in the collection ecosystem

The lazy bunnies need to work! Stake your bunnies to generate $CARROT daily

We need to reward those who have been with us since the beginning, so we will give away 15% of the total balance in the community wallet to pioneer members

We need to use those carrots and fast! We will implement a store with items from the bunny hole collection, a items from derived collections and from play to earn game gradually

Save the bunnies! We will donate 15% of the community's total wallet balance to an organization that rescues bunnies (community can help us vote for a charity or a cause)

It's time to have fun while multiplying your delicious $CARROT! We will create a play to earn mobile game that will depend on your $CARROT to play

As a thank you for following our path until sold out, we will use 15% of the total balance in the community wallet to create a MATIC giveaway to pioneer members

Mint a bunny and be part of a community with a delicious future!