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Delicious $CARROT with an even more delicious future

After a long time resting inside the den, it's time to staking your bunnies to earn between 2 to 3 $CARROT a day, a delicious token that will be used to buy items in our ecosystem

We will gradually implement items that can be purchased with $CARROT, such as: NFT from Bunny Hole collection and minting NFT from derived collections, but this token has a much bigger main purpose!

With the sale of 100% of the collection (or before, equal to the staking we launched ahead of schedule in the roadmap) we will start the production of a fun play to earn mobile game for you to multiply your $CARROT while having fun.

Hit the bunny

The game will be based on hitting the runaway bunny that sticks its head out of the hole.

To play you will need to buy a sledge hammer, each sledgehammer will have a different durability, the more matches you can play with your sledge hammer, the more $CARROT you can win playing.

Your earnings will also depend on your skill in hitting the bunnies, the more bunnies you hit the more token you will earn!

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